June 10, 2023

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Start and Use the smihub Instagram Story Viewer


How to Start and Use the smihub Instagram Story Viewer How to start using the new Instagram story viewer right away? Instagram stories are a fun new way for your audience to follow along in real-time as you post creative images, videos, and comments. But how do you get started? Is it too complicated or overwhelming? What apps should I use? We’ve broken down everything you need to know in this article.

What is the smihub Instagram Story viewer?

The smihub Instagram story viewer is a free app that allows you to easily post and view a variety of different types of content. You can view other people’s stories and comments, as well as post your own stories. The app is only available for iOS and Android devices, so make sure you have it on your device of choice.

How to use the smihub Instagram story viewer

To start using the smihub Instagram story viewer, open the app and select “story.” On the story page, select the drop-down menu and select “viewers.” From there, you can view a variety of different viewers, including the most popular, regularly updated stories. If you want to see just your own stories, select the “users” drop-down menu and select “me.”

How to post a new Instagram story

Once you’ve opened the app and select a story, you can start posting your content. On the post page, tap “compose” to start writing your post. Type your post content (including the image and video you want to share) and tap “publish” to share your post with the world.

How to view your Instagram stories

Once you’ve shared your post, you can view the story that was “liked” by your followers to get a better understanding of what you shared. On the top right-hand side of the story, you’ll see three horizontal lines. That’s where your followers’ stories appear. To the left of the story, you can see a drop-down menu. That menu has different options, including “show me more,” “view history,” and “read comments.” You can also tap on the story to see more information, including the addresses of where the post was originally shared and the original creator’s bio.

What Apps Should I Use to Use the smihub Instagram Story Viewer?

You can use the smihub Instagram story viewer on a variety of different platforms, including your mobile device, computer, and social media accounts. On your social media account, you can select “follow” to add new followers. That will add those followers to the “following” section of the app, where you can view their stories and interact with them. You can also use the app to “flag” content as inappropriate. When someone flags a story as inappropriate, you can reply to the comment to show them why the content is inappropriate.

What should I keep in mind when posting an Instagram story?

When posting an Instagram story, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind: – Be as informative and detailed as possible. – Choose the best image for the post. – Don’t forget to use the “share” button. – Make sure the timing is right. – Don’t forget to interact with your followers.

What Apps are Available to Use with the smihub Instagram Story Viewer?

The smihub Instagram story viewer offers a large range of different apps to use with their service. On the Android app, you can select from a variety of different options, including “halogen,” “shutter,” “timelapse,” and “Water.” You can also select from a selection of different “filters,” including “pics,” “videos,” and “coments.” When you “flip through” the various filters, you can see multiple photos, videos, or comments overlaid onto one image or video. You can use “flip through” to scroll through the different photos or videos to choose the best one for your post.


The smihub Instagram story viewer is a new tool that allows you to seamlessly view and interact with your followers’ stories and comments. You can also choose to “flag” a post as inappropriate, which will prompt a conversation with the poster. The smihub Instagram story viewer is a fun new way to view and engage with your followers. With the right app and setup, you can view and interact with your followers 24/7 without having to spend an excessive amount of time managing multiple social media platforms.